TIMWETECH leverages on its proprietary and robust platforms to deliver projects that maximize value and efficiency for our clients.

Our comprehensive approach to managed software provides continuous service and the ability to scale easily, saving time and money while lowering the operational risks.


Based on service management expertise and carrier grade platforms, TIMWETECH enables advanced collaboration tools, billing capabilities and significant portfolio improvements. Our performance-based approach results in effective partner lifecycle management, improved efficiency and reduced operational costs for our partners while providing monetization solutions to global OTT players.

Our Digital Platform Services deliver both on and off-portal business that enables, besides portal development, advertisement, e-commerce and billing of a wide range of services, which are either provided by TIMWETECH, regional developers or global OTT players.

TIMWETECH┬┤s managed software services also enable operators to ensure a smooth customer experience, providing technical reliability and easier go-to-market, while managing CAPEX and OPEX efficiently.


A key challenge of mobile carriers is to build sustainable value from their customers over time by increasing engagement and ARPU while reducing network churn. TIMWETECH supports carriers to achieve their goals focusing in critical areas of the customer lifecycle, such as: acquisition, retention, revenues growth as well as overall customer satisfaction.

TIMWETECH delivers results by activating the CVM insights, by introducing innovative approaches and gamification techniques. This is only possible through our proprietary technology that enables data mining technics, clustering, behavioral analysis and provides outcome prediction understanding the impacts that immersive gamification mechanics have on customers actions.

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