TIMWETECH provides mobile payments in over 120 countries whilst simultaneously enabling financial inclusion by providing mobile lending solutions. Additionally, TIMWETECH has in its portfolio a set of technical solutions that address specific problems of carriers supporting the optimization of business processes, cost reduction and improvement of business performance.

This business becomes especially relevant since it manages over 200 Direct Connections with carriers worldwide ensuring highly competitive revenue share models.


TIMWETECH developed over the years a carrier billing platform that allows faster and safer micropayments on web and mobile, while offering a highly flexible and secure operator billing mechanism, built to meet the needs of operators, merchants and consumers.

Our Mobile Payments solutions enable mobile operators, merchants, developers and mobile-driven businesses, to be at the center of the new digital ecosystem, by providing the market with an optimal monetization solution, both technically and commercially.


Complementary to its carrier billing platform, TIMWETECH developed a credit scoring algorithm that analysis customer’s behavior and patterns allowing carriers to advance their products and services to customers with low risk and high payment rates.

TIMWETECH´s proprietary platform runs a credit scoring algorithm that analyses prepaid customer´s behavior and patterns in real time, allowing mobile operators to offer products and services to their customers even when they have low or no balance.

Our platform is based on advanced analytics which provides a better offer fit, it means, offer the correct amount of credit through the right channel at the right time, increasing customer satisfaction.


Our technology is applied also throughout the entire value chain of mobile network operators by deploying solutions to optimize business processes, reduce costs and improve overall business performance. Our close relationship with mobile carriers and experience integrating with their systems, allows TIMWETECH to constantly identify issues and opportunities to optimize operations both on the business and technical areas.

This unique scenario led to the development of technical solutions to address carriers’ specific problems or to speed-up the digital transformation that is required for Mobile Operators to stay competitive. Today, TIMWETECH counts in its portfolio with a range of platforms and modules that are rapidly being adopted by operators around the world.

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