TIMWETECH has proprietary technology that enables both customer acquisition with high effectiveness and preventing fraud as well as allowing carriers to build interfaces on-the-fly to make services and selfcare capabilities available to its customers.

Our approach ensures transparency in the ecosystem while optimizing telco customer communications and acquisition efforts.


TIMWETECH know-how in the digital ecosystem is vast and dates since the early 2000´s. Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive set of platforms with proprietary algorithms that help to understand shifting market trends, changing consumer interests, introduction of new and better technologies resulting in more effective marketing efforts.

TIMWETECH focus on understanding consumer behavior and establishes strong partnerships to deliver the best solutions both for Carries and brands on Digital environment. This solution is enriched by aggregating MNO channels and best in class Fraud control features. All combined makes TIMWETECH a key market player and a certified Google Partner.


By developing applications and services on the cloud, TIMWETECH is able to implement successful native applications and HTML5 portals that allow operator´s clients to access to multiple self-care features that enable reloads, purchases of services, loyalty programs among others.

TIMWETECH technology ensures that applications, services and mobile portals are built on-the-fly based on low coding and in many cases without intervention from software developers. Business users can build interfaces based on a wide range of components available.

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